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Daily Wire Host: Women Shouldn’t Report On Masculine Sports Like Football

Daily Wire journalist Matt Walsh is being labeled as sexist for disliking female reporters and analysts in football. There are some people who even attack his sexuality although he is married to a woman and has children. Attacking a person for making comments does not disprove said comments. Walsh also believes that women are feminizing traditionally masculine male spaces. This is especially apparent in football where the game is attempting to become more friendly to sensitive people.

Walsh’s take on female reporters comes from a slice of his podcast where he spoke on a viral video involving Lyndsey Gough. The Georgia-based reporter set up a camera and microphone in the concourse of a Georgia-Clemson college football game. Naturally, football fans came up to the camera to shout random things. Her reaction to the noise made it seem like there was some sort of a threat to her life. Nothing of the sort was happening. This was simply football fans (many of whom had a few drinks) having a good time.

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Men don’t typically behave this way if they are placed in the same situation. Another reporter plunged themselves into a sea of excited and most likely drunk college football fans. This time, however, the reporter was a young male and instead of Georgia, it was South Carolina. The fans were just excited and rowdy as the ones at the Georgia-Clemson game. But the reporter matched their energy and enthusiasm. He didn’t make it appear as if the crowd was attacking him. This is something that Lyndsey Gough did not do. Many other female reporters have a similar problem even if it doesn’t manifest itself in the same way.


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