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Joe Biden’s CNN Town Was A Scary, Bumbling Mess

Joe Biden took questions from the audience at a CNN Town Hall hosted by Don Lemon in Cincinnati, Ohio. The questions were wide-ranging and addressed issues from unemployment to crime and safety. One thing that a large portion of the audience watching noticed was Joe Biden’s physical performance. He would often look confused and unsure as to what his next statement would be. This is not at all assuring and quite frankly scary for the leader of the free world. But, of course, the town hall was not simply just about the President’s appearance.

The questions from the audience were probably screen in advance, as Biden has already admitted to operating in this method. Even with that being a likely reality, Biden still fumbled his way through answers to said questions. One particular answer he gave stood out beyond all others. And that answer was to the issue of understaffing issues in America. Restaurants were hard hit by lockdowns first, then the inability to get employees to come back. The obvious culprit to the second issue is the Federal Government handing out stimulus checks and bonus unemployment insurance.

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Biden told the concerned restauranteur that maybe if he paid his waitstaff more than $15 an hour they would come back. There is no real way for Joe Biden to know how much the man pays his employees unless he spoke to him at length beforehand, which is a possibility. But that’s doubtful. The man looked like he wanted to respond to Biden after the “pay your employees more line.” He should appear on a YouTube show or podcast somewhere to tell his full story. Without going too far off track, the man’s concerns, which are shared by large swaths of employers across the country, were simply dismissed. Biden even chastised him by saying he should be thankful they kept them afloat in the first place (presumably with PPP loans and the like).

Other hot-button issues came into play such as gun violence and a lack of safety in certain American cities. Biden spoke about trying to ban high-capacity magazines and certain rifles. He also may have let the proverbial cat out of the bag when he mentioned banning 9-millimeter pistols. Handguns are the most common weapon used in the United States, especially for violent crime. Second Amendment enthusiasts across the country tend to observe trends of creeping gun laws. Whenever a ban or restriction is mentioned, the fear of the “slippery slope” comes right along with it. If one type of weapon, the AR-15 for example, is successfully banned, then pistols will be the very next target. Gun control advocates tend to deny this, but Biden may have let their true intentions slip out.

There is no benefit to Joe Biden doing any more of these “town hall” programs. All he does is stumble and bumble for an hour. No confidence is given to the American people. His answers are highly partisan and there is not even an effort to bridge gaps. Maybe his team feels like these town hall events are necessary because they can’t hide him in the basement like they did for the entire 2020 Presidential campaign. Maybe they’d like to rethink that policy because their current strategy isn’t going over too well.

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