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Jeff Bezos Gives Van Jones $100 Million, Revealing A Stark Reality

Billionaire CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos awarded Van Jones and Jose Andres $100 million each for the inaugural “Courage and Civility Award”. Bezos presented the awards to the CNN commentator and well-known chef a short time after his highly-publicized and “historic” space visit.

Bezos funds a company called “Blue Origin” that wants to make space visits more “affordable” than the multi-million dollar price tag that his particular visit cost. After the successful 4-minute trip, Bezos did a press conference and thanked Amazon employees for picking up the tab for the trip. This comment, of course, was seen as tone-deaf and insensitive. Bezos may have turned that around by giving Jones and Andres huge sums of money just a few moments afterward during the same press conference.

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The purpose of the large cash donation is for Jones and Andres to contribute to the charities of their choice. There is no actual restriction on the money according to news reports. So both men get first “dibs” on the money. It would probably be socially unacceptable to simply take the money and spend it on their lifestyles. Some donation transparency is most certainly called for here. But if each man takes 5 or 10 million off the top, would anyone really bat an eye? Especially in the case of Van Jones, who has already solidified himself as a CNN leftist.

Leftist politics bring in huge sums of money on a yearly and consistent basis. Especially leftist establishment politics. During the 2016 Presidential Election, Donald Trump raised about $750 million (including much of his own money) compared to Hillary Clinton raising $1.3 billion. Black Lives Matter (along with groups similar to BLM) raised $10.6 billion after the death of George Floyd in six months of 2020. The BLM money is more than all conservative organizations combined. This explains why Van Jones (and others) appear on television and make outlandish statements. They know there may be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to reward them for their efforts.


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