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Joy Behar Of “The View” May Not Think That Black People Own Guns

“The View” host Joy Behar recently argued with guest host Lindsey Granger about black gun ownership during a segment about gun control laws. Leftist shows like “The View” have been on an all-out blitz against guns in recent days and weeks after heavily publicized shootings in Uvalde, Texas and Buffalo, New York. The specific weapon in the proverbial crosshairs of these liberal outlets has been the AR-15 long rifle. Many people think the age of legal long gun ownership should be 21 instead of 18. Some think there should be red flag laws and other restrictions that are not in place currently for legal gun owners.

During yet another discussion about said gun laws, Joy Behar said that if black people began to own guns, then the laws would change. This is a comment made out of ignorance because she apparently thinks that the United States fears black gun owners. This is simply not the case. There are a lot of lawful gun owners. In fact, as Lindsey Granger stated, black gun ownership has spiked in recent years. What most people do not desire are the unlawful criminals who take advantage of soft targets with a bullseye painted on their backs by gun-grabbing politicians.

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  1. awe.. poor black people. If only white people had guns, and black people DIDNT have any guns, magically 80% of all crime would disappear overnight. but that aint the case and we are where we are thanks to black crime. america is now a cesspool thanks to these buffalo soldier hypocrites.


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