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Jordan Peterson Cries During Must See Piers Morgan Interview

Jordan Peterson cried when asked about the rise of lonely and demoralized men during a Piers Morgan interview. Peterson is a highly controversial figure because of his views on life that tend to go against mainstream thought. Men who are struggling with life are routinely ridiculed by society. And, on the controversial flipside, successful men are also ridiculed by society. Especially successful white men. At that point, accusations of “racism” actually start to happen.

Regardless of the strange and conflicting constraints that Western society places upon men, Jordan Peterson serves as a positive role model and hero to many. He most certainly understands his position and importance. So when Piers Morgan asks Jordan Peterson if he is the “hero” to young, disaffected men (Morgan was not so nice with his words) then Jordan Peterson couldn’t help but become emotional. Not because he cannot control himself but because he feels empathy for all of the men who are struggling in silence with very few outlets to deal with their problems.

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