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Trevor Noah Abruptly Quits Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show”

Comedian Trevor Noah abruptly quits Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” after seven years of hosting the late night program. Noah had hosted the show for seven years, since 2015, after taking over for previous host Jon Stewart. In those seven years, the show has shed 75% of its 2015 viewership. Jon Stewart averaged 1.3 million viewers per night in 2015. Noah was most recently averaging 363,000 viewers per night. The drop in viewership and ratings may be part of the reason why Noah quit the show. However, he was not actually fired.

Comedy Central appears to be taken off guard because there is no immediate replacement for Noah. His abrupt quitting goes against Comedy Central’s set standard for The Daily Show. When Jon Stewart left, Trevor Noah was his hand-picked successor and there was a seamless transition. Noah cited work/life balance as part of the reason why he is leaving. The most likely reason is that the show’s content has become stale due to a lack of Trump in office… and other reasons such as continued cord-cutting.

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