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Gavin Newsom Signs Law Preventing Rap Lyrics From Being Used As Evidence In Court

California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a bill into law that seeks to protect rap lyrics from being used as evidence in court. This is strictly a California law that does not affect the entire nation. This news comes on the heels of proposed federal legislation from Democratic House Reps Hank Johnson of Georgia and Jamaal Bowman of New York. Newsom, Johnson, and Bowman all seek to prevent rap lyrics from entering the court of law due to potential episodes of “racism” and/or “prejudice”. Language of the newly-signed California law suggests that simply entering rap lyrics into the courtroom could corrupt or taint a jury, therefore setting the stage for an unfair outcome.

Proponents of the new California law point to what’s happening in Georgia with rappers Young Thug and Gunna. Rap lyrics were used as part of their indictment. Hank Johnson and Jamaal Bowman say that this is an infringement upon their free speech. But since when was a confession inadmissible in court due to the First Amendment? Also, there is other evidence aside from “rap lyrics” being used in the Young Thug/Gunna (YSL) case. Young Thug was recorded on a jailhouse phone call asking one of his fellow gang members why he hadn’t killed someone (or some people) yet. Then there was the machine gun found at Young Thug’s house. And, of course, there is a long track record of violence associated with multiple members of the YSL crew. Rap lyrics were just the icing on the proverbial cake.

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Gavin Newsome is obviously trying to set himself up for a 2024 presidential run. Leftists political circles think this is the perfect time for him to run. He is relatively young at age 54, especially compared to the almost 80-year-old Joe Biden whose best days are long gone. A lot of young women and LGBT people appreciate his “progressive” policies and his physical appearance. The left understands that they need to maintain the very percentage of the minority vote that they already have. So, a move that protects all creative expression while being marketed as something that will protect “rap lyrics” is simply a way to maintain the black vote. This is all a setup for his 2024 Presidential Campaign and not actually something that will help any law-abiding citizens of California at all.


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California Gov. Newsom Signs Bill Limiting Use of Rap Lyrics in Trials

California restricts use of rap lyrics in criminal trials after Gov. Newsom signs bill

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