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Joy Behar Tries To Educate Tim Scott On Racism In America, Fails

Joy Behar of “The View” apparently took personal offense to Tim Scott’s comments about America not being a racist country. To back up a little bit, Tim Scott is a black conservative Senator from South Carolina. He gave the GOP rebuttal to Joe Biden’s Wednesday night speech before a joint session of Congress. Scott spoke about achievements in his personal life but he mostly spoke on the benefits of conservative values and the need for bipartisanship. One headline-catching moment is when Scott said that America is not a racist country. Joy Behar, a white woman, took umbrage with that declaration and decided to set the record straight.

Rather than dealing directly with Tim Scott’s argument, Joy Behar simply created a strawman. She said that Tim Scott does not understand the difference between systemic racism and just the fact of America not being a racist country. Behar actually agrees with the latter, but she does not agree with the former. The problem is that Tim Scott never said anything about systemic racism. That’s where the strawman comes in. It looks like she wanted to disagree with him simply because he is conservative.

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To further prove the point about Joy Behar inventing a strawman to create a disagreement with a conservative politician, enter Kamala Harris. She appeared on ABC with former Bill Clinton aide George Stephanopoulos. He asked her if she agrees with Tim Scott’s point about America not being a racist country. Kamala Harris agreed. She also created somewhat of a strawman by adding in an argument about the sins of the past and how they shouldn’t be forgotten. Scott actually brought the past up, but he acknowledged the problem with it. So that’s not truly an argument that Harris could hang her hat on. The point here is that Kamala Harris said the same thing Tim Scott said. Will Joy Behar dare fact-check the first “black female” Vice President and friend-to-the-show? Doubtful.


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