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Student Angered Professor Over Pro-Police Speech (REACTION)

A professor at Cypress College in Los Angeles became furious at a student over his pro-police speech during their “distance learning” zoom call. A nearly three-minute video of the interaction after the speech has taken off online. The teacher challenged the student’s pro-police stance. She took particular issue with the student’s characterization of police as “heroes”. Another student (who was not necessarily part of the argument) also added his two cents about the pro-police speech.


WATCH: Professor Berates Student For Calling Police ‘Heroes’ | The Daily Wire

Cypress College Prof Berates Student For Pro-Police Views – YouTube

Student speaks out after professor scolds him for calling cops ‘heroes’ – YouTube

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  1. I am sorry to say, but she does not qualify to be a teatcher. She is unable to hear the other part. She has extreme left ideas and does not accept any other point of view.

  2. I’m worried about how many of these teachers there are, teaching younger minds, and spreading lies. I hope enough parents get it together and stand up against this.

  3. Seriously, something needs to be done about these radical troublemakers who’ve clearly infiltrated our institutions of learning and education. This insanity has gone on for far too long, and it’s time these homewreckers were fundamentally given a taste of their own medicine. How naive of an excuse for a “professor”. Enough is enough.

  4. ABL – I recently stopped watching your YouTube channel and instead watch from your website. This to do a little part in stopping YT from making $ with advertisements. However, I believe this also takes away from your income, as well as hits to the YT (ABL) algorithm. Please tell me what the better option is.

  5. Yeah, it’s not like he’s defending a dissertation or something for his masters or doctorate. Teachers don’t get into arguments with their students, especially over opinions. This lady has an attitude that she needs to check at the door to the school. A discussion is one thing, but this was a blatant argument.


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