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JPMorgan Bank Settles Jeffrey Epstein Lawsuit With US Virgin Islands For $75 Million

JPMorgan Chase Bank has settled a lawsuit with the United States Virgin Islands (USVI) over Jeffrey Epstein for $75 million. In essence, the lawsuit stated that the banking giant enabled Epstein’s criminal behavior. $55 million of the settlement will go toward charities in the US territory that provide assistance to victims of domestic abuse and trafficking. Some of that money will also toward specifically providing mental health services to Epstein’s victims. An executive of JPMorgan, James “Jes” Staley, managed Epstein’s account before leaving the bank. Staley has visited “Epstein Island” on at least one occasion.


CNBC on X: “BREAKING: JPMorgan says it will pay $75 million to settle a lawsuit by the U.S. Virgin Islands alleging that the bank facilitated and benefited from sex trafficking of young women by its longtime customer Jeffrey Epstein. @EamonJavers reports.” / X

JPMorgan settles Jeffrey Epstein suit by Virgin Islands

JPMorgan pays US Virgin Islands $75 million to settle lawsuit alleging the bank aided Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking | CNN Business

JPMorgan to pay $75 million to settle Jeffrey Epstein lawsuit with US Virgin Islands

JPMorgan Paying $75 Million to Settle Suit Over Jeffrey Epstein Ties – WSJ

JPMorgan Chase agrees to $75M settlement in US Virgin Islands case alleging bank enabled Jeffrey Epstein abuse | Fox Business

JPMorgan will pay $75 million to settle Jeffrey Epstein case | AP News

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