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Hunter Biden Sues Giuliani Over Stealing Laptop Data After Refusing To Acknowledge Ownership

Hunter Biden’s legal team has sued Rudy Giuliani over allegedly stealing and disseminating data from his laptop. This is a complete 180 turn from Hunter Biden refusing to take ownership of the device. This move appears to be part of Hunter’s recent legal strategy which is to preemptively strike opponents in civil court in an attempt to lessen the impact of his own criminal case. Hunter Biden is currently facing federal gun changes and may be hit with more, mostly due to what was found on the laptop that he is not apparently taking ownership of.

Back in 2019, an allegedly drunk Hunter visited John Paul Mac Isaac’s repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware. President Joe Biden’s troubled son attempted to drop off three MacBook Pro computers for repair. One of the devices was beyond repair, so the repair man gave it back to Hunter. Another one simply needed a keyboard, so Isaac lent one to Hunter. The keyboard was never returned. The third one required data recovery, so Hunter left it at the shop. After the service was complete, Hunter refused to retrieve the device. So, after a while, John Paul Mac Isaac lawfully took ownership of the laptop.

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John Paul Mac Isaac realized that there was some sensitive information on the laptop that needed to be sent to a higher authority than himself. He contacted the FBI and gave them a copy of the device’s hard drive. They essentially sat on it and nothing happened. President Donald Trump’s associate and former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani was then contacted and given a copy of the hard drive. This sparked the “October surprise” right before the 2020 election, a laptop full of damaging information against both Hunter and Joe Biden. A group of 51 “former intelligence officials” then famously stated that the laptop was Russian disinformation. Hunter Biden would not verify if the laptop was his or not.


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