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Judge Orders Pictures of White Judges Taken Down from Courtroom

Judge David Bernard ruled in favor of a Fairfax, Virginia man who’s attorney filed a motion to remove all pictures of white judges from the courtroom. The attorney’s plea was made on the basis of the all-white lineup of previous judges making his black client feel like the justice system was biased and not on his side. Judge Bernard elaborated on his decision with the following: “the sea of portraits of white judges can at best yield indifference, and at worst, logically, a lack of confidence that the judiciary is there to preside equally no matter the race of the participants.”

Terrence Shipp, Jr., who is of course black, will stand trial in early January of 2021 for evading police and assault on a law enforcement officer. Due to virus regulations, the case will be held in the largest available courtroom. And it appears to be that particular room where all of the “troubling” pictures are located. The request from the lawyer to have all of the pictures removed is something that probably would not have happened just five years ago. But something happened five years ago that set the stage for absurd, racially-motivated things to happen in 2020… all in the name of progressivism and social justice.

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A few years back, the trend of removing Confederate monuments was in full swing. The argument against the statues were simple. Since general society in America sees the Confederates as racists and Union soldiers as righteous freedom fighters, then there wasn’t much kickback against the removal and/or relocation of Confederate monuments. The problem is that this popular wave set off a chain of events that has yet to stop. The next statues removed were of “problematic” figures in society, including Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Because of their ownership of slaves, although that was normal practice throughout the entire world at that time.

Abraham Lincoln himself was a recent target of the very same “woke” outrage mob that came after the Confederate monuments. And although Lincoln literally freed the slaves, it doesn’t matter because apparently he does not fit the “woke” standards of today. Now we have gotten to a place in society where the meat and potatoes of the outrage mob’s angst is exposed. The common denominator behind all of the “remove and/or relocate” movements is the erasure of white men. Especially conservative, heterosexual white men. That same movement is also spreading to men of other colors with similar forward-thinking and masculine mindsets.


A judge rules that a Black defendant shouldn’t have to stand trial in a courtroom decorated with portraits of mostly White judges – CNN

FE-2020-8 Commonwealth of Virginia v. Terrance Shipp, Jr.

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Virginia judge rules portraits of mostly white judges in courtroom must be taken down for black defendant

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