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WOKE Film Trailer Pushes Killer Cop Narrative on Blacks

As if there wasn’t enough racial division on American soil, a new film set to hit theatres in January, tells the story of a white law enforcement officer killing a black teenager. The film, titled “American Skin”, is directed by Nate Parker best known for his first work The Birth of a Nation.

The trailer features a father who seeks to confront the white officer who is guilty of the wrongful death of a young black man who was pulled over at a traffic stop. The man — who appeared to refuse to put his cell phone down — was shot for not following orders after what appears to be a nasty run-in with the white officer.

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This may sound like real life for those who live in social justice land. But the truth of the matter is 1. No wise marketing team shows the nut graf of a film in the trailer, and 2. this scenario is hardly ever the case and is not a common occurrence. Whether or not the movie is good, it hardly depicts the truth.

The Washington Post published its comprehensive analysis on the number of people shot and killed by police. In 2018, nearly twice as many white people than black people were killed by a law enforcement officer. The number of white deaths accounted for close to half of all deaths by an officer that year.

But regardless of facts, social justice warriors won’t buy a ticket unless the narrative is “White Man Bad.”

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No one is dismissing actual cases of police brutality. But it’s a moral crime to magnify a particular issue in order to scare the masses into following a certain mindset. It reeks of propaganda and films like these only serve to divide the masses instead of entertaining an honest conversation about race relations.


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