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Christmas Morning Nashville RV Bombing: What Happened?

An RV exploded in Downtown Nashville early Christmas morning in what can best be described as a bombing. At around 1:30am, the aforementioned RV pulled up and parked alongside a street in Downtown. Shortly thereafter, calls of shots fired were reported to local police. When Nashville police arrived, they heard a most likely pre-recorded message warning people in the immediate area to evacuate.

Police went door-to-door to alert people to leave their homes and/or businesses. At around 6:30am the RV exploded, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake. One man’s tattoo shop was completely destroyed and several cars were burned to a crisp. Luckily, there are no reported deaths although at least three people were injured and sent to the hospital. The FBI says that the bombing was intentional and they are continuing to investigate the situation.

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Although the bombing happened in Downtown Nashville and much of the damage centered in the immediate area around the RV that exploded, people who live hours away were affected. AT&T sustained damage to a facility in Nashville that knocked out data service as far as Chattanooga, Tennessee which is two hours away. Everything from cell phones to ATM machines were out of service due the blast.

It is not yet known if the blast was an act of terror, a random act of violence, or a suicide. Human remains were found near the blast although no reported deaths took place. Since the RV is probably not self-driven, then obviously someone had to drive it and park. There currently isn’t any footage of anyone actually leaving, or getting into, the RV. Whoever drove the RV may have been inside when it exploded.

Some say that police were the target of the RV bomb due to the pre-recorded message(s). The most obvious message was the “evacuate the area” that police heard upon arrival. That was actually helpful in the sense that it may have reduced civilian casualties. The other message that may have been played is the sound of gunfire. What if someone inside the vehicle shot their gun off to attract police, or played a recording of gunfire for the same purpose? The FBI is investigating the issue and more will most likely be revealed soon.

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