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Juror in Derek Chauvin Trial Caught Lying About Activism

A juror in the Derek Chauvin trial for the death of George Floyd by the name of Brandon Mitchell got caught lying about his impartiality… or lack thereof. Several questions were asked of potential jurors before being selected. Two of the questions concerned previous rally and/or march attendance. In order to prevent a biased jury, prejudice was given to jurors who had been to Black Lives Matter marches or anything similar in nature. Mitchell was asked if he attended anything like that and he denied it. He was also asked if he knew anything about the George Floyd situation and he downplayed his knowledge.

Pictures surfaced of Mitchell not only attending a BLM-style march in Washington DC, but also of him wearing a shirt with a very specific phrase on it. The shirt featured a picture of Martin Luther King Jr with the letters “BLM” at the bottom of a circle, and the words “Get Your Knee Off Our Necks” around the circle. The entire case against Derek Chauvin is about the knee that was on and/or close to Floyd’s neck for several minutes that may have caused his death. Mitchell says he does not recall the shirt or wearing it, but he wore it again on a podcast that he hosts.

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Derek Chauvin’s defense has filed for a retrial based on other factors that happened during the trial. The paperwork submitted to the court does not include Brandon Mitchell’s name. If the lawyer makes an argument to the judge at any point during retrial or appeal, it would make sense to bring up Mitchell’s name. He clearly misrepresented himself to become part of the jury because he wanted to enact revenge on Chauvin. Other jurors could have been intimidated by Mitchell or they could have felt the same way Mitchell did before meeting him. Of course the judge wants an impartial jury, but that is nearly impossible to find considering the high profile nature of this case. The appeal process does not feature a jury and that will be Chauvin’s most likely path to victory, fueled by human error such as Brandon Mitchell’s omission of fact to the judge.


Derek Chauvin juror could have risked the guilty verdict claim experts by attending BLM rally in DC | Daily Mail Online

A Chauvin juror participated in the 2020 March on Washington. Is it grounds for appeal?

Andy Ngô on Twitter: “Brandon Mitchell, the Chauvin juror who previously attended a #BLM event wearing a “Get your knee off our necks” shirt, says he didn’t remember owning or wearing that shirt. But as recently as 6 months ago, he wore the shirt again on a podcast.” / Twitter

Photo emerges of Chauvin juror in ‘BLM’ T-shirt – YouTube

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