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Kamala Harris Mistakes A Coal Mine For A Land Mine

Kamala Harris appeared on television in West Virginia to speak on, among other things, the loss of energy jobs and what can replace them. During the meandering talk, she mentioned reclaiming abandoned “land mines” when she must have been speaking about “coal mines.” Maybe the teleprompter she was reading said “mine lands” and she thought she would correct it on the fly. But why would a talk about jobs in West Virginia, or anywhere else in the United States for that matter, be speaking of land mines?

The interview with VP Harris took place on WSAZ, the local network for Huntington, West Virginia. Senator from West Virginia Joe Manchin was reportedly furious that nobody gave him a heads up that Kamala Harris would be doing an interview with local media. Manchin also says that the interview itself does not aid in the goal of reaching bipartisanship in America. And beyond much of Joe Manchin’s valid concerns, the interview with Kamala Harris simply reminds Americans of how incompetent politicians can be.

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Job loss in a place like West Virginia is a serious concern under liberal Democrat administrations like the current one. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and all the rest of them have proven to be anti-fossil fuel. West Virginia is historically known as a mountainous coal-producing state. So if the current administration’s goal is to reduce coal emissions, that directly impacts West Virginia’s economy, which has already been devastated. Kamala Harris appearing on WSAZ talking about green energy and other nonsense is a slap in the face to many of those in West By God.

Kamala Harris’s flub or gaffe is also indicative of another problem aside from her own incompetence. The incompetence of the Government, in general, is a problem. During the Senate hearings for various social media networks like Facebook, Senators would ask questions with obvious answers or questions that simply did not make any sense. To make it plain – a lot of elected officials in Washington DC do not know anything about the very areas of interest that they will draft laws for and enforce. Kamala Harris does not appear to be any different.


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