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“Cheering” should not be allowed at parties, says the CDC

Just when you thought COVID-19 mandates couldn’t get any more ridiculous, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that cheering — yes, the universal expression of excitement or approval — should be avoided while partying.

This is all in an effort to make tailgating “safer.”

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So what’s the alternative? Stomping, clapping and “noisemakers” should be used. It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas 2020, when people were advised to avoid caroling of all things.

Let’s see if anyone will volunteer to “calm down” a rowdy 46-year-old football fan and inform him that his cheering is not in line with pandemic mandates. Whoever’s guest that is will most certainly be asked to leave.

This recommendation comes after yet another suggestion to double-up on masks. Dr. Anthony Fauci recently appeared on television to lay out his case in favor of wearing two masks instead of just one. He said it is “common sense” to do so. And while taking all necessary precautions to prevent from encountering any illness is indeed wise, the key word is “necessary.”

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So will abstaining from caroling, singing and cheering while doubling or even tripling our face coverings result in a safer society? There’s no telling. But some of us are of the belief that too much medicine can be just as bad as the illness itself.


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