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Kamala Harris Says Voter ID Is A Bad Idea Due To Lack of Access To Kinkos And Office Max

Vice President Kamala Harris gave an eyebrow-raising excuse to oppose voter ID during an interview with BET. Harris stated that some people live in rural areas and access to places like Kinkos and OfficeMax may be limited. And since these people have limited access to those aforementioned places, then it would be difficult to “photocopy” their identification and send it off. Her comments were made in reference to states that have laws requiring ID for mail-in ballots.

Joe Biden is often mocked for his inadvertent outdated references. Like the time when he spoke about children who struggle with reading not enough words at home or listening to the “phonograph” before they go to bed. Kamala Harris appears to be in the same boat as Biden. Kinkos is now known as FedEx Office and that has been the case for at least the past 10 to 15 years. FedEx purchased Kinkos back in 2003. OfficeMax merged with OfficeDepot many years back and is now officially known as OfficeDepot.

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It is not even necessary for a person to visit a FedEx Office, Staples, or even a public library to “photocopy” and “fax” an ID. Not even for poor people or those in rural areas. Most people have smartphones today. Not everyone has the newest and most up-to-date phone, but it is not uncommon to have one in the United States. Countless homeless “panhandlers” across the country are spotted texting on their smartphones. It is easy to simply take a picture of the front and back of an ID card or driver’s license and send that off as proof of identity.

The outdated references in opposition to voter ID that Kamala Harris made are no surprise. It is common for career politicians like Harris to have no true connection with the people they are supposed to represent. Common tasks that Americans do on a daily basis are done for these people. They live their lives in a “bubble” of sorts. Career politicians are often nothing more than puppets who do what they are told. They are not leaders, they are figureheads. Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are obviously no different than the norm.


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