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Turkey Leg Hut Imposes Dress Code, Gets Accused Of Racism

The Turkey Leg Hut, a very popular restaurant in Houston, is being accused of racism after implementing a new dress code. The restaurant is black-owned and features a largely black clientele. The owners implemented the dress code due to the behavior and attire of some patrons that offended other patrons. They are not a nightclub where debaucherous behavior is often permitted. The Turkey Leg Hut is family-friendly. A kid’s birthday party can’t really exist in the same place as half-drunk club regulars dressed like strippers.

The restaurant was hit with allegations of “anti-black” racism almost immediately when news of the new dress code hit the media. This allegation does not make sense considering the owners, staff, and clientele are pretty much all black. If the dress code is designed to repel black people, then who would the restaurant serve? Publications who included the phrase “anti-black” in their headlines backed off once more information came out. Another restaurant in the area with a similar clientele called “Taste Bar + Kitchen” supports Turkey Leg Hut and introduced a similar dress code.

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Restaurants with dress and behavior codes are not uncommon at all. Most nice establishments don’t necessarily have to spell it out in black and white because the location, environment, and price give enough of a hint. But sometimes, people need more direction to understand the nature of the venue they chose to visit. The dress code policy does that well. Families with small children and young couples out for a night on the town won’t have to compete with yelling mobs of half-nude and fully drunk patrons. That is the purpose of the dress code and normal, civil people have no reason to be offended.


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