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Kamala Harris Secret Service Agent Detained After Fighting Other Agents

Michelle Herczeg, a 43-year-old Secret Service agent, was reportedly hospitalized after fighting other agents. Herczeg was assigned to Vice President Kamala Harris’s detail. The VP was absent when Herczeg got into a fistfight with several fellow agents as the detail awaited her arrival at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland. Harris’s travel plans were not affected, and everything else went according to plan. Herczeg, however, should have never been part of the Secret Service at all.

The former Dallas police officer reportedly exhibited “strange” and “distressing” behavior as soon as she arrived at JBA on Monday. For unknown reasons, Herczeg grabbed an agent’s phone and began deleting applications. The agent regained the phone and went on as if nothing had happened. Herczeg later started to exhibit behavior that became increasingly strange. She hid behind pillars and threw items at agents, including menstrual pads.

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Herczeg was approached by the shift leader and told that she would be immediately relieved of duty. At that point, she flew into a violent rage. Herczeg tackled an agent, got on top of him, and began punching. Her colleagues had to restrain her and take the gun off of her. She was eventually taken away by a medical team due to an apparent mental breakdown.

Reports say that this is not the first time Herczeg has exhibited strange behavior. In 2016, she allegedly heard voices during the onboarding process, but that was ignored for some reason. She sued the Dallas Police Department, also in 2016, for gender discrimination and harassment. Reports say that Herczeg’s colleagues wonder if her hiring was due to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives to increase diversity in the Secret Service by keeping more women on the force.


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