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Kamala Harris Visits Guatemala And The Country Isn’t Too Thrilled

Vice President Kamala Harris bypassed the Southern Border between the US and Mexico to visit Guatemala for a wide-ranging talk. Before the trip, Kamala has been peppered with questions about the border. After all, she has been appointed to deal with the crisis of overcrowding facilities and kids being “snatched away from their parents”.

As of the publishing of this article, the Vice President still hasn’t physically gone to the border since she was given the responsibility to manage the crisis. The administration wants to focus on the “root causes” of the surge of illegal aliens attempting to get into the country.

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The US should not use the “root cause” argument to point the finger at Guatemala over being a “poor country with limited options”. Instead, the US Federal Government should focus on its own policies that are not working. President Trump left the Biden administration with a system that worked perfectly well.

Trump was able to reduce the amount of illegal border crossing attempts, thus reducing the number of kids “snatched from their parents”. Biden abolished much of what Trump set up, including the “stay in Mexico” (to apply for asylum in the US) policy. This has increased the level of illegal immigration to a fever pitch.

Guatemalans do not like this new approach. The President of Guatemala blamed the United States directly for the border crisis. This may be confusing to leftists but it is easy to explain. Not all Guatemalans support illegal immigration. They actually have a border wall between themselves and Mexico. They do not like people who come from all over the world that come through Guatemala with the purpose of going to the United States through the Southern Border with Mexico.

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There is also an issue with human trafficking in Guatemala that intensifies with an open Southern Border. Not to mention the explosion of drug trafficking. The issue is so much deeper than “not wanting brown people to immigrate to the country”. That argument, quite frankly, is elementary in nature. The true issue is the security and sovereignty of nations. Rational Guatemalans know it and so do rational Americans.

When Kamala Harris landed in Guatemala before her talk in front of local and international media, protesters displayed interesting signs. These signs said things like “mind your business”, “go home”, and “Trump won”. There is clearly a disconnect between those who understand what the true issue with nations like Guatemala is and those who don’t. But those who truly get the message are refusing to be silent… and they are doing so by in ever-increasing numbers.


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