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NYT Journalist Mara Gay Expresses Concern Over Flying The American Flag

Mara Gay, a liberal New York Times journalist, appeared on MSNBC and made comments about the American Flag being “disturbing.” It is important to gather some context for these statements to make any sense out of them. MSNBC was hosting a live panel talking about the Capitol incident (of course) and Mara Gay had a minute or two to speak.

She began talking about the Capitol commission then she pivoted into a personal story. Gay visited a friend in Long Island, New York where she happened upon what can be described as a Trump truck rally. She mentioned all of the anti-Biden and pro-Trump signage. Of course, this upset her probably because she is on the left. But then she said the American flags were flown on these same trucks and that is disturbing because of the message that she believes they were sending. And that message is that “this is my country, and not yours.”

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Although Gay did not specifically reference the troubles on the border and the criticism of the current administration to control it, a logical assumption can be made there. This type of mindset rings very familiar to something that Nikole Hannah-Jones said. She said that she was embarrassed by the American flag that flew outside of the home she grew up in. This makes sense for the founder of the 1619 Project to say since that is all about critical race theory. But what dog does Mara Gay have in the fight over the display of the American flag?

Maybe this just shows how deep the proverbial “rabbit hole” goes when it comes to American politics. Elected officials and mainstream media types alike are becoming more and more brainwashed by “woke” propaganda. First, it was the Confederate Flag that was bad. This idea is widely accepted. But, predictably, the enemy before us is the United States itself. Unfortunately, this is also very predictable. Once the left is given an inch, they always take a mile. The American people are seeing this play out every single day on their televisions and in the halls of Congress.


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