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Karen Whitsett CENSURED After Thanking Trump For Saving Her Life!

Yet ANOTHER black Democratic lawmaker has been punished by their local party for supporting President Donald Trump. In Georgia, State Rep Vernon Jones was nearly forced out of the Democratic Party for endorsing the President. Karen Whitsett, a Democratic State Rep from Michigan’s District 9, publicly thanked President Trump for saving her life.

Context is needed here so let’s back up a little. Karen Whitsett recently had a bad case of COVID-19. She was suffering tremendously and nearly at the end of her life. While in the hospital, she remembered that Trump spoke highly of a drug called hydroxychloroquine. It had been proven to save lives of others from the depths of the Chinese virus.

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Karen asked her doctor if she could try the drug. After jumping through a few hoops of fire placed by Michigian’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer, the drug was procured. Shortly after treatment with hydroxychloroquine (among other things), Whitsett made a full and rapid recovery. She then put out a statement on social media thanking the President for mentioning the drug. Because without it, she may have passed away.

Whitsett made the rounds on television and got more attention to her story. The President took notice and invited her to the White House. It was a cordial and not very political meaning. Whitsett did not offer up an endorsement of the President or anything of the sort. Her main objective was simply to express gratitude to the President.

After that meeting, the Democratic Party of her local area in Michigan censured her. She cannot participate in any Democratic events for the next two voting cycles. Democrats will officially endorse her opponent next election. Seems a lot like plantation politics. If a person gets out of line, then they get corrected and embarrassed… publicly.

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The reasoning behind her censure may not necessarily be the meeting, though. Gretchen Whitmer actually tried to block the drug that saved Whitsett’s life – hydroxycholoroquine. Maybe Whitmer thought the people of Michigan would follow Trump’s lead after he mentioned the drug and hurt themselves because of what the moronic couple in Arizona did. Whitmer and Whitsett have a history of negative back and forth due to Whitmer’s inaction in Michigan.

Jonathan Kinloch, the chair of Michigian’s 13th, is the guy who gave the censure statement against Whitsett. He also works for the Governor. Karen Whitsett had no issue bringing up the bad blood between herself and the Governor on Glenn Beck’s show.

Bravo to Karen Whitmer for standing up against the mob. Elephant in the room here is… if the party is so non-responsive and uncaring… why continue to be part of them? Why not come to the right? Conservatives would accept her with open arms. There could be some political differences … but so is the case with everything else in life.

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