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What HAPPENED to North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un?

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has not been seen in public since April 11th. Rumor has it that Kim is dead – or at least close to death – after a botched cardiovascular procedure. Mixed signals cross every which way regarding his status. Rumors point to the reclusive nations’ dictator being deceased. The latest report on Kim’s condition (though unconfirmed) suggest he is in a “vegetative state.”

Hashtags like #KimJongUnDead are floating about the Twitterverse, while speculation makes showstopping headlines about Kim Jong Un’s fate.

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Japanese media say he is in a vegetative state after heart surgery. South Korean media say that he is resting and recovering after heart surgery. A high-ranking director from Hong Kong based HKSTV reported that he was actually dead on her Weibo account. US-based TMZ are simply aggregating all of the above reports and not saying anything conclusive.

China have sent a team of medical experts to North Korea to gain further clarity on Kim’s status. If North Korea were to be in a state of transition, China could most certainly be involved. North Korea has two borders, one shared with South Korea and the other with China and Russia. China has a vested interest in keeping North Korea the way it is as a buffer between US-backed South Korea and China.

Nothing has been confirmed by the hermit kingdom about the North Korean leader, of course. Officials would most likely install his sister – Kim Yo Jong – as head of state before any such announcement was made, if true. She’s considered to be ruthless, feared, and very well respected by North Korea. It’s not like they have much of a choice to accept her or not. DPRK is not the type of country that allows it’s citizens even leave … let alone have a disagreement with the Government.

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