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Kentucky Couple Has WOKE BLM GRAVEYARD As Halloween Decoration

A couple in St. Matthews, Kentucky (Louisville) created a Black Lives Matter (BLM) themed Halloween decoration in their front yard. The display includes a series of mock tombstones representing black “victims” of police brutality. In an interview in front of their home, children who appear to belong to the mixed black/white couple said that nobody deserves to die “because of the color of their skin.”

The largest mock tombstone in the display belonged to Breonna Taylor. It sat front row and center, dwarfing all of the other names and tombstones behind it. Probably because the family who set up the decorations live in Louisville which is where the Breonna Taylor incident happened. In an effort to show that black lives matter, they may have inadvertently created a hierarchy within the very people they want to pay homage to.

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Speaking of the hierarchy of victims, this Kentucky front yard BLM Halloween display is full of it. Why are there only mock tombstones of black alleged victims of police brutality and no other races? And why are there only victims of police brutality? What about gang violence, drugs, or disease like HIV? Several thousand black people die as a result of the aforementioned things. Unarmed black people killed by police, justified or not, is a fraction of the total number of black people killed on yearly basis.

The Louisville “BLM” Halloween display just furthers the reality of only certain black lives mattering some of the time… rather than all black lives mattering all of the time like they claim.


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