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Lil Wayne Endorses Donald Trump For President & The Haters Are Mad

Rapper and media mogul Lil Wayne gave a full endorsement of Donald Trump for President through a post on Twitter. Conservative politicians and citizens from all over the country extended their support for Wayne when the news hit the internet on Thursday night. A large population of leftist people had the opposite reaction and many of them jumped immediately into the extreme. Curse words and angry emojis littered liberal timelines all over the social media platform headed up by Jack Dorsey.

Lil Wayne explained his support for the President through his endorsement statement. The media mogul mentioned Trump’s efforts on criminal reform and the Platinum Plan. Wayne also said that he had a direct meeting with the President in which they spoke about the aforementioned issues. Trump was reportedly a great listener and ensured Wayne that he can and will bring progress in the promises that he has made.

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An endorsement of this caliber should not be dismissed as many on the left side of the aisle would like to do. Lil Wayne is a celebrity with the status of a Michael Jackson. Words that people use in their every day language like “bling” were put into the lexicon by Lil Wayne. Most new and/or successful rappers who exist in the music industry today are either carbon copies of Wayne or were heavily influenced by him. Two of the biggest music artists in the world, Drake and Nicki Minaj, are both signed to Young Money, which is Lil Wayne’s label that is a spin-off of the most successful independent label in history – Cash Money.

Endorsements for the President have been coming fast and furious from a wide variety of celebrities. Jack Nicklaus gave the President a full written endorsement through social media. Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre has also given Trump a full endorsement. Then there are people like Ice Cube who have not necessarily endorsed the President but have signaled that they have no issue working with someone who wants to get things done. Unlike Joe Biden who’s best known outreach to the black community is “if you don’t vote for me then you ain’t black.”


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