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Kirk Herbstreit CRIES Over BLM Live On ESPN College GameDay!

ESPN host and former Ohio State University Quarterback Kirk Herbstreit cried live on ESPN over Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests. The breakdown happened on ESPN’s “College GameDay” which focuses on College Football. It’s not quite clear what prompted the conversation about BLM, but since it’s ESPN, a reason isn’t really needed. BLM is a constant topic of discussion on the “woke” sports network.


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Herbstreit appeared to be empathizing with what the “black community is going through” when the waterworks commenced. To call the crying fit “cringe-worthy” was an understatement. It was embarrassing and actually pretty irresponsible. The guilt Herbstreit appeared to exude over BLM is the same type of guilt that may manifest itself as extreme behavior at protests that become something else.

The crying episode happened with a panel of six people including Herbstreit. A young black woman on the panel cried when Herbstreit began to cry. It was totally uncomfortable to watch. It was also inappropriate and misplaced. The emotion on display was the equivalent to someone’s dog being shot or a person’s loved one becoming seriously injured. But no bridge is too far for ESPN to cross.


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  1. ABL I am getting sick and tired of these phonies who pass themselves as liberals and think they will be accepted by showing I am with the movement.I hope Black people will ask to BLM one question,Where is the One Billion dollars going to? Is it going to the Black Communities?

  2. He ought to be crying about the lack of fatherhood in the black community.
    Then I might believe him.
    22 years old guys with 3 kids they don’t take care of from 2 different baby mammas is the #1 reason for continued poverty in the hood. It’s time America speaks the truth.

  3. ROFL! Come on! This is why normal folks shun ESPN and their SJW fixation. Only a guy from the participation trophy generation gets on TV and cries over the fake grievances of a domestic terror organization!

  4. Agree totally with you Anthony! Kirk looked like a damn fool. Unfortunate because I liked and respected him. Seemed fake and not genuine to me.

  5. Kirk grew a vagina. What shame has brought on sane white males! How many black family has her assisted to stand on their feet, not a hand out but up? As far as equal plating field , are you just super stupid. The scales has been in women a d minority favor since the early 70s . If the NFL, NBA & MLB was all white players with instead of so racially inbalanced they would put a quota on the # of blacks that had to be on every team. Regardless if it hurt the level of professionalism in the game. SYSTEMATIC RACISM IS BULLSHIT.! You can only discriminate against white males in America and that’s fine. Do t support a marxistvteained and armed militia intent on ripping America apart to steal from someone who worked their butt off instead of quitting school asking drugs, disrespect the flaw and act to harm police but if a black officer is the shooter no coverage. Let a tiny % officers bring white should shoot a black man regardless bow he trying to hurt or kill the top and BLM is looting white and black businesses and everyone white is the racist or is
    a WIMP like BOOMER and also an Embarrasment to call males


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