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Candace Owens DESTROYS Cardi B on Instagram Over Joe Biden!

Conservative firebrand Candace Owens and superstar rapper Cardi B got into a heated back and forth exchange on Instagram over the subject of Joe Biden. Cardi B interviewed Joe Biden for Elle Magazine and that interview was released the Monday of the Democratic National Convention. Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris skipped all of the Sunday political shows the day before, which is unheard of before the DNC.

The exchange between Owens and Cardi B started when the BLEXIT founder sat down for an interview with fellow conservative star Ben Shapiro. Shapiro and Owens have both been critical of Cardi B in the past for her degenerative music and leftist political opinions. They both agreed that Cardi B was far too uneducated to interview Biden. Candace later mentioned that Biden’s team only cares about the number of followers Cardi has. The fact that the superstar rapper is uneducated also works into Biden’s hands. What better way to get a softball interview with a superstar than to pick a highly uneducated one?

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Instagram Battle Commences

Cardi B apparently caught wind of Candace Owens’ interview and took to Instagram to address what was said about her. Cardi B stated that she has millions of followers and the top song in different countries around the world, and that’s the reason why Biden sat down with her. Her assertion of the situation isn’t wrong, but that’s the problem. Joe Biden only sat down with Cardi B because of her large platform and the exposure he would receive. He did not sit down with Cardi for any hard-hitting questions. He used her as an attention-grabber and nothing else. If Cardi B is educated about politics, then it’s hard to tell.

Candace Owens did a live Instagram stream responding to Cardi B’s remarks, and it was glorious. Owens only spoke for about 8 to 10 minutes, but she addressed every point Cardi B made in her rebuttal to the original Ben Shapiro interview. Candace addressed the police brutality and LGBT issues Cardi mentioned both in the Joe Biden interview and in her Instagram live stream.

Reality Bites

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In the Elle Magazine interview, Cardi B asked Joe Biden about police brutality and what can be done to prevent officers from shooting black men. Candace Owens brought up a great point by saying that Joe Biden should reverse the question on her. What can black men do to prevent these situations?

Owens mentioned that Cardi’s husband, Offset from the rap group “Migos,” is more likely to kill Cardi than any police officer. Dishonest people online misconstrued that statement as saying that Offset would harm Cardi B because he is black, but Owens is simply speaking about numbers and probabilities, which cannot be denied.

Cardi B is not a serious person when it comes to politics. She is quite clearly ignorant. She complains about being a multi-millionaire paying millions in taxes, but she supported Bernie Sanders earlier this year and now she supports Joe Biden. Where is the logic here? Candace was successfully able to point all of this out to the world watching her.

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  1. Cardi B appears to be mentally unstable. Not trying to be mean, just stating an observation. You can’t take ‘crazy’ seriously at all, but a lot of her followers DO take her seriously, and that’s a problem.

  2. The truth sometimrs hurts. Democrats showed again how out of their minds they are by the interview they chose. If you can’t vote for Trump at least don’t vote for Democrats

  3. CardiB you need to calm down and realizing that you are fueling the fires! You cant even talk. Wow! You are a horrible excuse for a person! Keep glorifying all your thugs who dont obey the law! Nobody wants your idiocy!

  4. Cardi B….. Do you realize your baby is going to grow up and see you TWERKING to WAP by the time she 13? She’ll probably be pregnant by 15. I just pray to God she goes to a good school so she not as stupid as you are. You see, I don’t go into a surgery room telling the surgeon he’s doing it wrong cause I don’t know shit about the medical field. HENCE…… STAY THE FUCK OUT OF POLITICS, OR AS YOU PRONOUNCED IT…..PO*LI*TICS. LMFAOOOOO, DUMBASS

  5. cardi is a no class, low IQ having trash bag and it’s scary anyone would listen to her “music” let alone politics ?! bwhahahahah she’s sounds like such an ignorant, low rent fool. Nice blanky b.

  6. Wow everywhere word from CarliB is a curse word WOW!!! CarliB sounds soooo uneducated PERIOD!! I bet $$ NO ONE attacked her sister. She ONLY said that because she needed to BLAME TRUMP for something!

  7. She can’t even pronounce politics….What an embarrassment. The whole Democratic party can’t be that illiterate…or can they?

    Brrttt ..Wtf is that..Queefs ?

  8. Yeah… imagine a country of WAP little girls. She’s such a skank. It’s embarrassing.
    #Saveourkids from influences like Cardy B. I spelled it wrong on purposely. Total Disrespect.

  9. Cardi B…Wow can you put two words together that we can understand, Why are you not showing your face Um because your reading from a script or at least your trying to read from a script You are DUMB as F&ck and you have now shown the world.

  10. Cardi B so trump people attacked your sister Where’s the video?? God knows there is video of everything today But nope….No video of this lie your trying to push, Not only are you DDDDDDDUMB as f*ck you are a liar to boot. No video of sisters so called attack from lying B.


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