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Kristi Noem Defends The Dog Story During Interview With Woke Reporter

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has responded to critics of her story about putting her dog Cricket down in her upcoming book, “No Going Back.” During a “Face The Nation” interview on CBS, Noem spoke with journalist Margaret Brennan about controversies stemming from the book. One key issue was the meeting with Kim Jong Un, which did not happen. Noem said there was an inaccurate passage about the Hermit Kingdom dictator that had been removed before the book was published. There was a bit of back-and-forth over the North Korea topic from Brennan, as she appeared to not believe the Governor’s reasoning for the mistake.

Of course, Kristi Noem was asked about the most significant controversy in the book, her dog, Cricket. Margaret Brennan was visibly upset at the Governor for having to put her dog down. She even asked if the purpose of talking about shooting the dog was to appear to be “tough.” Noem said she put down the problematic 14-month-old working dog because he was dangerous. Cricket killed livestock and attacked humans. Noem revealed that the dog was problematic with a previous family before being transferred to her. Noem was raised on a farm and is a dog trainer. After months of training to no true avail, Noem made the tough decision to put the dog down instead of taking it to a vet or shelter, where they would ultimately do the same thing.

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