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Kyrie Irving Forced To Pay $500k To ADL Over “Offensive” Tweet

The saga surrounding Brooklyn Nets star basketball player Kyrie Irving and the now-infamous tweet continues. He has been under fire for posting an image of a movie from Amazon Prime called “From Hebrews To Negroes: Wake Up Black America!” by Ronald Dalton. This movie (and the book it is based on) has been deemed anti-semitic by some people. Therefore, the entire mainstream media and the NBA have put pressure on Irving to apologize. The Anti-Defamation League has become involved as well. Irving, the Brooklyn Nets, and the ADL released a joint statement in an effort to repair any “harm” done by Irving’s tweet.

Found within the lengthy statement was the revelation that both the Brooklyn Nets and Kyrie Irving would donate $500,000 each to combat hatred. It is not necessarily clear where this money will go. But what is clear, however, is the wild overreaction that Kyrie Irving’s tweet has garnered. Irving did not say or do anything racist to anyone. In subsequent press conferences, he has expressed love for all walks of life. He has declared he is not a racist or hateful person. But that isn’t enough for some people who may still hold a grudge from when Kyrie refused to get vaccinated back in 2021.

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