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LA City Council Members Make Racist Statements In Leaked Audio

In a leaked conversation, Los Angeles City Council members have been caught making racist statements about black people. The released segment focused on another councilman, Mike Bonin, and his son. Bonin is white and he adopted a black son. Councilmembers said the son is essentially a token or a fashion accessory. They also say the boy is ill-behaved partially because Bonin is raising him as if he’s white. The council is, of course, all leftist Democrats.

A now-suspended Reddit user posted nearly an hour of the conversation. It has been cut down to a digestible size for media outlets including the Los Angeles Times. The then-City Council President Nury Martinez was one of several members making racist statements. She resigned as President but remained on the council. Fellow City Councilman Kevin De Leon also made racist comments. He did not apologize. Instead, he offered up what appears to be an olive branch to anyone who may be offended.

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The leaked audio proves that alliances built on race are built on a false foundation. A person’s skin color does not denote their allegiance to another person with similar skin color. That thought process is racist in itself. The most important thing in relationships between human beings is how they treat one another.


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