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Trans Weightlifter Wins Sportswoman Of The Year

Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard has won “Sportswoman of the Year”, an award presented by Otago University in New Zealand. Hubbard is presumably the first transgender person to win the award in its 113-year history. In a short statement, Otago said that Hubbard represented the University and New Zealand well in Tokyo at the Olympics. Hubbard also releasing a statement thanking everyone for their support.

There are a ton of problems raised by Hubbard winning this award. The most obvious thing is that Hubbard is a biological male. It is unfair for a biological man to win an award that is reserved for women. If the award was for transgender men and/or women, or for everyone in general regardless of biology, then there would be no problem. But Hubbard won an award for women as a man. One can reasonably conclude that the award was not truly given for prowess in athletics. Hubbard most likely won the award for optics purposes.

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The Tokyo Olympics were supposed to be Laurel Hubbard’s breakout performance. Even at the ripe old age of 42. After all, Hubbard had been dominating other women in qualifying rounds to get to the Olympics. When the games started, however, a different story unfolded. Hubbard failed to complete any lifts. And since no lifts were completed, winning a medal of any sort did not happen. To call that performance a failure might just be an understatement. So why would a person fail and still win an award? The answer to that question is quite obvious to anyone truly paying attention.


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