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Liberal Media Furious After Ron DeSantis Ships Plane Full Of Illegal Aliens To Martha’s Vineyard

Liberal media personalities are furious after Florida Governor Ron Desantis sent two planes of migrants to the uber-posh Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. The island is home to the Obamas, Spike Lee, David Letterman, Carly Simon, James Taylor, Mike Nichols, and Diane Sawyer.

Needless to say, this particular island is very exclusive and probably does not have the issues that border towns face on a daily and consistent basis. So when around 50 illegal aliens show up on the island, it is a problem.

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Local officials gave calm interviews on television, referencing how they housed the migrants in a church to give them food and water. Liberal television show hosts, however, were outraged. One person called the move from Desantis a disgusting political ploy. Another person on CNN likened the situation to something from World War II Germany.

These reactions are confusing. After all, the very same people with the negative actions toward what Ron Desantis did also support open borders. Maybe their support only counts when the fallout of open borders does not directly impact their daily lives.


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  1. @ABL FUCK YOU NIGGER Uncle Tom and you wonder why Hispanics and Mexicans won’t vote for Conservatives you don’t give a shit about us you treat us like animals FUCK YOU and I hope something bad happens to your NIGGER ass FUCK YOU😒

  2. Each individual being forcibly put on a bus in Florida is at least one violation of USC 1983 by DeSantis and Abbott. They’ll eventually be on the hook for those violations.

  3. Back in 2012, Ryan D Enos led an extensive field research project “on attitudes toward immigration by exploiting routenized behavior on commuter rail in the Boston area.” (see:
    Somebody in De Santis team probably read Enos’ book, and papers, and designed this caper accordingly.
    The outcome should not come as a surprise to anyone familiar with Enos’ work.

  4. Yawn. Who gives a rats ass about these “brown” spicks. Sterilize, lock em up and then send em back. There I just solved the worlds problems.

  5. Replying to Skipping Dog:
    How do you know they’re being forcibly put on a bus? Have you seen it happen first hand? Technically they’re criminals, they’re still human beings yes, and they should be treated humanely but the bottom line is they are “illegal aliens”. They shouldn’t be in this country to begin with, they’re trespassers. We transport our own US citizens, criminals in prison, on buses. They’re shackled in chains, I don’t see anybody protesting that. Again, these are illegal aliens that have broken our law and they’re here wrongfully, they’re lucky to be treated so well.
    I confront trespasses on my property with a 12 gauge shotgun. They come onto my land to hunt quail and I don’t put up with it. They always turn around and leave, they know they’re in the wrong and if I’m close enough to see their vehicle I get their license plate number and call the police and turn them in. What I do is legal, it’s lawful and it’s what we as American citizens should be doing to illegal aliens too. If we must grant them entry into this country then they need to come in the correct way, not by hopping the fence and sneaking in.
      Personally I don’t want any of them here. Traffic is too congested, lines are too long, there are too many people in this country already. And let’s not forget taxes. Somebody has to pay for that airplane flight or bus trip, somebody has to pay for their board ‘n room, somebody has to find them a job and give them a house and whatever else they need, that’s all taxpayers money being used. I don’t want to pay for them, I don’t want any of my tax dollars going towards them, I have enough problems trying to take care of my own family. Our money should be spent more on the homeless and our veterans FIRST before ever being used to support others that shouldn’t be here to begin with!

  6. Its called deportation for a reason. We’re literally the only country in the entire world that does not understand this concept, unless its a fellow natural born citizen trying to bring loved ones home from outside of our borders, THEN it conveniently is important because there is a lot of money at stake. Travel visa’s, permits, green cards etc. are a multibillion dollar a year business for our government. It takes years upon years of waiting and a good $5k per person. Plus why not, punish the good people doing the right thing following the laws, and reward those who arent. Typical American way of doing things.

  7. ^Exactly. It’d be great if there were no borders, no governments, no laws and we all got along just peachy. But that clearly wont ever happen with the amount of greed, violence, anti-straight-white-christian racism and out of control corruption in our country. Criminals are given more care and have more rights in this country than law abiding citizens and victims do. Its all because of money.


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