Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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Pfizer Releases Cringeworthy Ad Against Misinformation On Twitter

Pfizer released a cringeworthy ad against the general concept of “misinformation” on Twitter featuring comedian Pinky Patel. It is not quite clear what the direction of this ad is. Patel, a comedian with over 850k followers on Instagram, was all over the place during the one-minute spot. The importance of people wearing masks (even in outdoor environments) was mentioned. No reference to boosters or anything of the sort was mentioned. However, contaminated ice cream and other strange things that don’t make much sense did get some air time. The stated purpose of the ad was to fight against germs and misinformation. All that the ad accomplished was most likely to garner a few cringe-induced confused looks on random Twitter users’ faces.


Pfizer Inc. on Twitter: “Help stop the spread of germs AND misinformation. Pinky Patel to the rescue!” / Twitter

Pinky Patel (@pinkypatelofficial) • Instagram photos and videos

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