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Liberals Rejoice over CNN Don Lemon “Roasting” Trump!

CNN anchor Don Lemon decided to take some time out of his show and go on a small tirade against President Donald Trump. The clip has been shared all over the internet and is now near viral. In said clip, Lemon alleges that the President is somehow jealous of Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle. Lemon also alleges that Trump is jealous of Barack’s intelligence and Michelle’s accomplishments.

“Intelligent” isn’t necessarily the first word that pops up in the minds of many when speaking about Barack Obama. Smooth talker? Certainly. Well-dressed? Absolutely. But intelligent? Maybe, maybe not. The former President may be intelligent on paper, but not when it comes to leading a nation. Obama behaved as a figurehead during his time in office. Leading from the back rather than the front.

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Trump is the opposite of Obama when it comes to leadership style. And for that reason, Trump is hated by nearly all of the political left and a portion of the political right.

Don Lemon decided to bring up Michelle Obama during his anti-Trump rant for some odd reason. He insinuated that Trump is jealous (or even covetous) of Michelle Obama due to her accomplishments. What accomplishments are these, exactly? Disbarment? Marrying a powerful man?

An interesting moment in the clip is when Don Lemon spoke about looks. It’s kind of difficult to make out who Lemon was referring to. Upon first listen, it sounds like Lemon was saying Trump is jealous of Michelle Obama’s looks. Which simply does not make any sense. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to find a person who says that Michelle Obama is more attractive than Melania Trump.

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Now if the question is whether Barack Obama looks better than Donald Trump, then Don Lemon’s point is understood. Barack Obama is a smooth and handsome guy. That does not equate to being intelligent or a great leader, though. And Donald Trump does not come off as the kind of guy who is trying to compete in beauty pageants himself. He’d rather run them as he did for years with Miss Universe.

All in all, Don Lemon’s tirade against President Trump comes up short. It’s great for quick laughs from lefties on Instagram. But as soon as it is seen, it will be forgotten.

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