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Diddy Says EARN The Black Vote; Black Folks Get MAD!

Sean “Diddy” Combs made some controversial comments about voting on Naomi Campbell’s “No Filter With Naomi” podcast. His comments shouldn’t really be viewed as controversial. But on the internet, normal things become… abnormal. A flurry of think-pieces and internet troll mobs have come after the hip-hop media mogul over his comments.

What did he say? Simply that if Joe Biden or Donald Trump desire the black vote, then they should work for it. The Democratic Party takes the black vote for granted every single election cycle. And they give nothing in return. So, until either side actually works for the black vote, then Puff will “hold the vote hostage.”

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Websites like The Grio and Madame Noire instantly attacked Diddy over his comments. Black radio across the country attacked the mogul as well. An interesting call came into Power 105 “The Breakfast Club,” which is a black show (that Diddy has a financial interest in.) The hosts of the show allowed listeners to call in and discuss the topic. One caller said that black interests are not as important as getting Donald Trump out of office.

Much of the outrage behind Diddy’s comments can be attributed to hatred for Donald Trump. Simple as that. So, no real thought behind who a person is or their stance. Like Joe Biden writing the 1994 crime bill that locked a large number of black men away for long periods of time. The same bill that Donald Trump is reversing. No actual policies matter to people who have already made their minds up from liberal media influence.

And it’s a shame because elections actually matter. Not just the President, but all positions of power in Government. From the dog catcher to the Chief Executive. It all matters. Voting is extremely important and hopefully, Puff can drive that point home.

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