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“Love & Hip Hop” Star FRAUDS The PPP, Splurges On Jewelry!

“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Maurice Fayne a.k.a. “Arkansas Mo” is in the custody of the Federal Government after being arrested on fraud charges relating to the PPP (Paycheck Protection Program). Fayne originally filed for a 3.7+ million dollar loan to aid his company – Flame Trucking.

Fayne claims that his business suffered as a result of the virus and that his 1.5+ million dollar payroll was no longer affordable. He was then granted a little over 2 million dollars in a PPP loan. If Fayne maintained all of his employees, then the loan would have become a grant.

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It turns out that the company, the payroll, and the desperate need for the cash to keep up payroll may have all been a lie. If it was the truth, then Fayne did not spend the money on that which he requested.

Federal agents say that Maurice Fayne spent nearly 1.5 million of the 2 million he received on frivolous items. $80,000 on jewelry including a 5.73-carat diamond ring for himself. A lease on a 2019 Rolls-Royce Wraith. In an honorable (yet still illegal move), Fayne also paid $40,000 in back child support.

Paying back child support may be honorable but still illegal and pretty silly. Child support is Government-ordered. Sources of funds are easily tracked to banks which are also monitored/controlled by the Government. FDIC insurance is a two-way street.

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Apparently, Fayne tried to flee once he realized what type of trouble he was actually in. Federal agents discovered searches of “what countries don’t extradite” on his phone. One thing guys like this who think they are rocket scientists don’t understand is that the Government has endless resources. And often, the things that cost the least amount of time and resources are what they use to apprehend suspects.

It’s not quite clear how much time behind bars “Arkansas Mo” will get. One thing is for certain, though. The FBI has a conviction rate of over 98%. Once they have a person in their clutches, they rarely let go. Especially for such an egregious case of financial fraud against the United States Government itself.

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