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Madison Cawthorn Exposes Washington DC’s Sex & Drugs Underground Lifestyle

Freshman House Rep from North Carolina Madison Cawthorn exposed the underground party lifestyle of Washington DC. Cawthorn appeared on an episode of The Warrior Poet Society, a podcast that has over one million subscribers on YouTube. The host asked him a question about the infamous T.V. show House Of Cards featuring troubled actor Kevin Spacey. The show is about the underbelly of DC culture. Of course, this includes sex and drugs. Heavy amounts of it. Madison not only confirmed the show’s accuracy, but he also went on to say that he has witnessed drug usage. He also said that he’s been propositioned to attend a sex event with people that could be DC lawmakers.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy publicly announced that he’d like to speak to Cawthorn about his allegations. This seems like a strange thing to say publicly. After all, McCarthy could easily call Cawthorn on the phone and talk that way or arrange a meeting. The press doesn’t need to be involved at all. It looks like McCarthy is trying to cover up for his Washington colleagues. Stories have circulated both online and off for many years about the corrupt and disgusting nature of politics in general but especially in Washington DC. Cawthorn’s comments don’t come as a surprise to anyone with any sort of political experience. However, his comments may cause some tension within DC circles because he might let their not-so-secret cat out of the bag.

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