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Slavery Reparations Approved For Black Americans In California, Not Black Immigrants

A California “task force” for slavery reparations announced that only black Americans will receive reparations from the state, not any black immigrants. Those who receive reparations will have to trace their lineage back to the era of slavery. There are still quite a few questions unanswered. It is not quite clear what reparations will look like specifically. Land, cash payments, apology, tax credits, and other things appear to all be on the table. It is also not clear if there will be a DNA percentage requirement to receive reparations. There are plenty of people who do not look black at all that have black ancestry and can prove it. The funding source for all of this is also up in the air.


Task force: California reparations for slavery descendants only – CalMatters

California group votes to limit reparations to slave descendants : NPR

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  1. … and what about these anti-white racist losers ancestors, most of which were ex-slaves ironically, who voluntarily enlisted and took part front and center in the post-civil war “convert or exterminate” mass genocide and discrimination of literally millions of native indian peoples across the Americas, Alaska and Hawaii? These Buffalo Soldier hypocrites deserve absolutely NOTHING, but a slap and removal from tax funded public assistance. Everything you complain about, but add mass murder of women and children, stolen lands and resources, human trafficking relocation of children to orphanage schools for re-programming of culture, appearance and language.. on and on you name it, you did it to the natives, then and continue to do today through black politicians and these sort of delusional cesspool lies being sold to the dumb public masses. If you wanna go THERE then lets go ALL the way there. You are not immune to accountability. Pathetic. Only in America.


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