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Mainstream Media Accuse Candace Owens Of Threatening Australia Invasion

Several mainstream media outlets have accused conservative star pundit Candace Owens of wanting to invade Australia over their virus policies. This all stems from Owen’s monologue on her self-titled Daily Wire show. She first spoke about her husband’s family that lives in Australia. They have serious issues with the Australian Governments overreach when it comes to virus policies. Rules are so oppressive in the land down under that it is causing people to become mentally unwell. After Candace listed off the several ways Australians are being deprived of freedom, she simply linked that to American’s policy of nation-building and “spreading democracy”.

The Afghanistan debacle is a prime example of the United States proclaiming they are “exporting freedom” to a place. The fact that this program has a high failure rate in third-world places like Afghanistan doesn’t seem to matter. What matters most is the trillions of dollars that are spent because the beneficiaries of said expenditure get fat and happy afterward. If the expressed purpose of this exorbitant spending is to spread democracy, then why not spend that money in a place like Australia that needs it? That was the point Candace Owens made. Of course, she was not seriously asking the United States to invade Australia. She even stated that “she says this in jest” during the episode of “Candace”.

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Facts appear to be irrelevant to today’s modern mainstream media. It is all about clickbait and fomenting outrage to get eyes on their platforms which simply increases advertising dollars. A certain group of people in the world, especially in Western countries like the United States, cannot stand Candace Owens. As a matter of fact, many of the people who despise Candace Owens also have disdain for people who are similar to her. Young, smart, conservative, non-whites who are popular and beautiful can’t really be attacked in any other way other than hatred. Envy mixed with the need to silence a dissenting, yet popular, point of view drives some people completely mad.


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