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Marine Veteran Stops Armed Gas Station Robbery Bare Handed

A fearless Marine Corps veteran by the name of James Kilcer stopped an armed robbery at a Yuma, Arizona gas station by himself. Kilcer did not appear to be armed and if he was, he did not need to use it. The well-trained vet just happened to be at the gas station speaking to his friend behind the counter when three men aggressively made their way inside. Two of the men did not appear to be armed but the man in front was. Kilcer quickly observed the situation and decided to disarm the gunman. He accomplished this by grabbing the man’s hand that held the gun and by swinging the bag filled with drinks and a snack toward his head. The other two men instantly ran away when they saw this happen.

James Kilcer appeared on Fox News to explain how the whole situation went down. One thing that he mentioned is aside from military training, he also takes his self-defense and the safety of others very seriously. So he is constantly training to improve his self-defense capabilities. Grabbing a gun during a robbery is obviously not something that everyone in the world can or should do. As a matter of fact, most people would probably be best served to evade or surrender to a weapon. Trained heroes like James Kilcer, however, are able to take risks to end a potentially deadly situation.

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