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Male Amazon Driver Disguised As Transgender In Bathroom Arrested

A 23-year-old male Amazon driver was arrested in Massachusetts near the border of Providence, Rhode Island after posing as a woman in a bathroom. He wore a large wig and face mask in an attempt to conceal his identity. Police say he took pictures of unsuspecting women and children with cameras on his shoes and his cell phone. Jacob M. Guerrero of Woonsocket, Rhode Island, was arraigned on one charge of possessing child pornography Tuesday after prosecutors asked the judge to hold arraignment on 11 other charges of possession of child pornography and photographing an unsuspecting nude person.

This is an unfortunately predictable incident. There has been a recent push to include men that identify as women in restrooms and other areas specifically designated for biological women. Results of this failing experiment have been catastrophic. Several women and girls have been sexually assaulted in bathrooms and locker rooms across the country. Not all sexual assault is preventable, but taking common-sense measures to prevent sexual assaults should happen. Not all men who identify as women will engage in sexual assault, but some men will obviously take advantage of these laws and abuse them.

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Amazon Driver Dressed as Woman Filmed Girls at Shopping Center Bathroom: Police

Police: Amazon driver disguised as woman took videos of women, young girls in bathroom at Wrentham Outlets – Boston News, Weather, Sports | WHDH 7News

Women’s Voices on Twitter: “US — A man dressed in a wig and women’s clothing entered the women’s restrooms to record spy cam pornography. Police discovered images of women and girls taken in the bathrooms as well as child sexual abuse materials on his phone. #NotOurCrimes” / Twitter

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