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Condoleezza Rice Sets “The View” Straight On Critical Race Theory

Former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice spoke about a variety of things on “The View” recently, including Critical Race Theory (CRT). The well-known black conservative woman is no stranger to controversy due, in large part, to her identity. A typical guest who appears on “The View” would generally have favorable views of CRT. Most of the show’s costars view CRT as simply teaching “history”. Rice thinks differently and she articulated her alternative perspective perfectly.

Critical Race Theory has been a hot-button issue for quite some time now. The debate around CRT, however, has ratcheted up tenfold over the past few months. Especially in the arena of public K-12 schools. Proponents of CRT say that this form of education seeks to teach children about the true history of the United States and the world. In reality, CRT simply divides children on the basis of race. CRT creates an environment where white students are made to feel guilty because people who share their same race did bad things in the past. Conversely, CRT makes non-whites feel like victims who are oppressed by white people.

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Teaching history in school is nothing new. Slavery is not an issue that is considered off-limits. However, there is a proper method to go about teaching children. Inserting what amounts to personal insults based on race into a child’s school curriculum should not be allowed. Assigning fault, blame, guilt, shame, or the status of victimhood of status to school children is completely improper. Some school teachers and administrators like this form of “education” for an entirely different reason than an ignorant and casual observer does.

Those at the top of the food chain in academia understand that children are malleable, like lumps of clay. Whatever they are taught from an early age will generally stick with them throughout their entire lives. It is the equivalent of learning a language for the first time. Any language learned after that will generally not be as fluent as what they learned from the beginning. Children are intentionally being brainwashed with far-leftist, Marxist ideology disguised as an altruistic and righteous thing called Critical Race Theory. The hope is that when these children become adults, they will pass down what they were taught to their children. Some of them will become school teachers and gleefully brainwash the next generation of children. Which is exactly what is happening right now.

Condoleezza Rice expressed the general problems with CRT in a direct and easy-to-understand fashion. A good sign is that she did get some applause from the audience, although somewhat muted. People don’t want to be labeled as racist or insensitive to race by not supporting CRT. To break the leftist social stigma attached to combating CRT, the masses of people must become properly educated. This is why the battle against CRT in school has become such a ferocious one.

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  1. whoopi that was a fricking lie, I flat promise you that legal Americans of Mexican decent do not feel that way, and Mexicans were involved in defending the Alamo and the capture of the army that caused the murder at the Alamo…to blame white children that were not involved in the slavery issue, never owned slaves, and that have not yet nor in the future been racists is a gross misrepresentation. Hell one of the meanest slave owners was a black man. Further more many children play with friends that are American that simply have a different color skin….and Joe I don’t know where the hell you got your supposed teaching degree, but your depiction of learning to teach was a flat out lie. Student teaching is one term…..and the rest of the story is now exploitation though political agenda would be a truer depiction..Curriculum run by agenda and not history..History correct history IS what IS needed.

  2. PS, Condoleezza Rice, I would stand by this great American great respect and admiration. She is what we all should strive to be…

  3. I don’t think we are being given the truth about crt in this highly-divisive article full of propaganda hits at “the left.” More importantly, the whole argument is fake news with motivation to start a race war based on lies being said by those who sold their souls to Satan so they can be on tv.

  4. There’s a city near here, Seguin, TX, named after Juan Seguin, a survivor of the Alamo. Maybe not as famous in the legends as Bowie or Crockett, but a great man nevertheless. He was from San Antonio, was at the Alamo, and later led a force of men in the battle of San Jacinto. He was influential in the area and helped build up the area after the war. As for whites owning blacks, practically every ethnic group of people on Earth were slaves of somebody, at some time. To imply that slavery is a white practice “only” is ignorant. It was emperialist white people that ended the international trade in slaves, so there. It’s lies like that which will eventually lead to another great re-awakening.

  5. The great American reset………By racist liberals on the far left. slowly take everything thats right and make everything wrong.


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