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Man Calls Police on Himself To Spark “George Floyd” Incident!

A Washington state man by the name of Tamon Leverette was arrested for making a false call to 911 on himself in an apparent hate hoax attempt. The man, who had been in trouble before and was wearing an ankle monitor, called the police with his own phone using a fake name. While on the phone with police, Leverette gave the description of a man that matched his own description and said that the man was “fidgeting” a gun with a red bandana wrapped around it.

When police arrived on the scene, they encountered Leverette but no weapon was found. The police, of course, asked him why someone would call the police on him speaking about waving a gun around. Leverette’s response wasn’t doing anything and that he was just on his way to his Department of Corrections (DOC) officer appointment as he revealed the ankle monitor on his leg. Leverette then thanked the officers for their professionalism and that was the end of that. Until the next day when Leverette decided to tell his DOC officer that he was the victim of racial profiling.

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The allegation of racial profiling opened up a can of worms. Leverette’s DOC officer informed authorities of the complaint against them and, of course, an investigation was launched. Police were able to trace the original phone call back to Leverette due to the voice on the number’s voicemail matching Leverette’s. The police were also able to match the specific number with several other calls made to police dispatch in December of 2020 that all link back to Tamon Leverette. The DOC officer revealed that Leverette thought he would be wrapped up in a “George Floyd” type of situation at one point. This incident was yet another attempt at a hate hoax, and a very poor attempt to boot.


Rantz: Man calls 911 on self to ‘goad’ cops into George Floyd incident, reports Black man with gun

Man arrested for allegedly calling 911 on himself in an attempt to spark a ‘George Floyd’ type incident, police say

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