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C’mon, Biden! How Long Until His Next Presser?

Our elusive president of the United States has yet to deliver a proper press conference as White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stands in Joe Biden’s place to make more excuses for his absence. She claims that the 46th president has at least answered questions and that he’s “concentrating” on supporting citizens.

Psaki promises that the next presser will include Biden and will take place by the end of March. Still, that leaves a lot of questions, the biggest being can he do a solo presser without his battery draining?

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After all, we’re supposed to be deep into the pandemic. Americans are looking for presidential guidance on this state of emergency we are in with regards to reopening the economy and vaccines. Biden did at least take a moment between naps to take a jab at Texas for reopening its economy.

Will there be no official presser from the POTUS after the airstrikes in Syria? Though not required, a decent president typically offers some sort of official explanation as to what happened. This could have all been covered during a February State of the Union or a joint address. Psaki pleads that Congress hasn’t been snubbed out of the meeting but that it will resume once they’re finish deliberating on the American Rescue Plan. *eyeroll*

And if you missed it, Donald Trump’s speech at CPAC 2021 is all the SOTU that you’ll need.

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I guess Biden is just too busy signing all of those executive orders that he’s tuckered out and ready for bed by 4 p.m., just after his applesauce nightcap.

At some point, the jig will be up. Low-battery Biden is going to struggle through the next year when he is no longer being propped up by his cabinet and the mainstream media. We’ll hear plenty about his favorite meals or how much he loves his wife, Jill, or how his dog is doing. But if you want to hear about any serious reforms or executive decisions, you’ll want to take a really long nap, just like Biden’s doing right now.


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