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Man Kicked Out Of Mall Of America Over “Jesus Saves” T-Shirt

A Christian man was recently kicked out of Mall of America over his “Jesus Saves” t-shirt. The man was recently issued a 24-hour “ban” of sorts for soliciting. Essentially, he was banned for “street-preaching” inside the mall, which is against the mall’s rules. This time, however, he was simply kicked out for wearing a shirt that people complained about. The shirt said “Jesus Saves” on the front and “Jesus Is The Only Way” on the. The back of the shirt also featured a “COEXIST” bumper sticker-style logo cross out right below the word “Jesus”.

One of the mall security guards said that customers were complaining about the shirt. The same guard said the word “Jesus” is religious, therefore a violation of the mall’s “no soliciting” rule. The problem is that the man was not speaking at all. He was simply not engaged in “street preaching” behavior at the time of the second “violation”. The t-shirt excuse appeared to be an excuse to remove a man that mall considered some sort of menace due to preaching the Christian gospel. A Muslim or Jewish man would probably not have this same negative experience, though.

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