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UPDATE: Texas School Shooter Was Not Victim Of Bullying

Arlington, Texas Police Chief Al Jones says that bullying was not a factor in the recent school shooting that left two students and one teacher injured. Jones went on to say that the only evidence that points toward bullying are statements from the shooters’ family. The evidence that Arlington Police were able to procure points toward the shooter, Timothy Simpkins, and his primary target having problems outside of school. Chief Jones says these problems stem from “high-risk activity”. Jones did not elaborate on what this activity actually is, but one can put clues together and come up with a decent guess.

The original “bullying” excuse stated that Timothy Simpkins grew up sheltered in private schools. He then transferred to public school to play sports. Since he was inexperienced with conflict resolution in more “urban” environments, he become subject to bullying. So one day he decided to put an end to the bullying by bringing a gun to school and shooting the person who had been bullying him. This excuse was accepted by many online and off. Although it never made logical sense from the beginning. If a person is being bullied by one person, why shoot 2-3 other innocent people? Why bring a gun inside of the school? Why not simply transfer back to private schools and give up the dream of playing… public school sports?

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Attempting to victimize the shooter did not make sense from the beginning because the shooter was never a victim. Simpkins had problems with his shooting victim beyond school and decided to bring those problems to school. Although the Chief did not speak on the specific activities the young men were involved with, one can guess that gangs and/or drugs are involved. And just like a typical gang-banging youth, Timothy Simpkins put his gun on his gang rival. Youth facilities and adult penitentiaries across the nation are filled to the brim with young black men just like Timothy Simpkins. The shameful family that initially gave the bogus excuse then gave him a welcome home party when he bonded out of jail are carbon copies of other families that create and enable monsters.


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