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Media Are IGNORING Biden Accuser Tara Reade. Why?

Mainstream media (and much of the left) seem to be ignoring sexual assault allegations made against 2020 Democratic presumptive Presidential nominee Joe Biden from his former staffer – Tara Reade. Back in 1993 when Biden was a Democratic Senator from Delaware, he allegedly had a run-in with Reade.

She complained to the Senate HR, told family and friends, but apparently did not file a police report. Reade has filed a police report recently, however. The case is currently being investigated by DC police. Why won’t the media touch the story with a ten-foot pole?

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The answer is fairly obvious to anyone who has been paying attention to politics in the past few years. Joe Biden, as the presumptive Democratic nominee, is essentially untouchable. He could have wild, untamed animals in his backyard with social media videos and all. It doesn’t matter. Nothing he can do or has done will really move the proverbial needle.

This is in stark contrast to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. His name was drug through the mud, alongside his family’s, when he was going through the confirmation process. Christine Blasey-Ford also levied sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh. There was no evidence that Kavanaugh and Blasey-Ford had even met outside of her word. Yet, Blasey-Ford was given wall-to-wall airtime.

Not so much for Tara Reade. Her case is essentially being ignored. Or possibly buried, as is the case with CNN (allegedly.) During an episode of Larry King Live back in 1993, a woman called with a complaint. The woman said her daughter had an issue with a current Senator. Tara Reade recently confirmed that the woman on the phone was her own mother.

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That particular episode has been wiped from CNN’s archive across multiple platforms. If there is nothing to hide, and no truthfulness to what Tara Reade is saying, then why would CNN jump through hoops of fire to hide that episode?

Questions seem to outnumber answers in the Biden / Reade case. One thing that is for sure and for certain – the media bias against conservatives is very real. If Joe Biden were Donald Trump, or anyone on the right, Tara Reade would get endless coverage. They may even put her on the front cover of Time Magazine like Christine Blasey-Ford.

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