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Nancy Pelosi DEMANDS Voting-by-MAIL Provision

Nancy Pelosi can’t stop (wont stop) scheming as she pushes for a vote-by-mail provision to be added to the next relief package. It seems Democrats are bent on shoving corruption down the throats of voters and forcing their hands via fraud.

Citing the coronavirus as reason for introducing the provision, it appears Pelosi is using the pandemic scare to tip the election scales in the DNC’s favor. (Because we ALL know how secure voting by mail is.)

“In this next bill, we will be supporting vote-by-mail in a very important way — we think it’s a health issue at this point,” Pelosi said. “And I didn’t want to leave this conversation without mentioning the importance of … the livelihood, the life of our people, the livelihood of themselves and our economy and the life of our democracy.”

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Voting by mail and absentee voting are nothing new. In some instances, people can cast a ballot while they’re away from their state of residence. Plus five states already use this method almost exclusively. The issue is rolling it out nationwide, encouraging massive waves of absentee ballots which already carry a higher risk for discrepancies than in-person votes.

President Trump gave “voting-by-mail” a hard pass, citing “tremendous risks for fraud.” Critics, by no surprise, accuse Trump and the GOP of suppressing voter turnout by not supporting Pelosi’s proposed provision.

Voting by mail is just another one of the wish list items Democrats hope to roll into the next coronavirus relief package. Because when you wind it down to its core, it has little to do with the safety of American voters, and everything to do with fixing the election to their liking. Prolonging the fear surrounding the pandemic is the catalyst. They want American voters to fear voting in person a la “social distancing guidelines” to push their plan. It’s a convenient scheme. After all, Democrats have mastered the art of not letting a good crisis go to waste. But after November, the coronavirus will be a faded, distant memory.

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No one with a pulse and two brain cells would vote for the barely coherent Sleepy Joe, whose wife had to deliver a televised address in his stead. So it’s time for Pelosi and the DNC to stop playing games with the election they’re most certain to lose. Why don’t THEY shelter in place and let the rest of America keep moving forward.

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