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Media Ignore The Role Of The Virus In Death Of Hank Aaron and Larry King

Mainstream media appeared to have ignored the role of the virus in the deaths of both Hank Aaron and Larry King. Major League Baseball Hall-of-Famer Hank Aaron was 86 years old and had just received the Moderna vaccine less than three weeks ago. Legendary broadcaster and interviewer Larry King was 87 years old and had recently contracted the virus. King died in the same Los Angeles hospital where he was attempting to recover from the virus.

Most headlines covering Hank Aaron and Larry King completely omit any mention of the virus. This probably would not have been the case prior to Joe Biden’s presidency when Donald Trump was in office. When Herman Cain died, the virus was front row and center as the cause of death, even though Cain was also a stage four cancer survivor. A casual observer may see the media discrepancy as simply a pro-liberal bias and a way to make Joe Biden look good – whereas the previous coverage was anti-conservative meant to make Donald Trump look bad.

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Another issue, aside from the media’s coverage, is the reaction of agencies and governments around the world to Joe Biden’s presidency. The World Health Organization released new virus testing standards that will result in fewer positive and/or false-positive results. The standards were released on Joe Biden’s inauguration day. NPR announced on the morning after the inauguration that virus deaths have peaked in America. How is that possible to know at all? Well, maybe since there will be fewer positive test results, there will be fewer deaths attributed to the virus.

Governors and Mayors across the country – including Michigan and Washington DC – have relaxed virus restrictions on things like indoor dining. It is not clear what changed from January 19th to January 22nd aside from a change of the date on a calendar aside from Joe Biden becoming the President. From the very beginning, the virus has been politicized in America. And now that the goal behind taking advantage of this crisis has been accomplished, the time for crisis is over.


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